About us

Who are we?


We are a small team of video game lovers! That's why we intend to sell the best video games for the lowest price possible and offer free digital shipping, and since we are all gamers saving a few dollars is important to every one of us, because it means more games and gear!


How did we start ConsoleGames.org?


Huh, that is a short one! We got together one evening for a "beer gathering" and we were playing some games. At a certain point someone said - "Why don't we make a video game store?". Why it seemed like a good idea? - Everything seems like a good idea at such gatherings, but this one turned out to be true.


Things you should know about our store:

    • We ship free, fast, digitally - worldwide!
    • We offer the lowest prices on the market.
    • We offer live chat support.
    • We will help you find the perfect deal for you!
    • We love games!